Saundra lang


Board Governance Committee

Saundra Lang considers herself a Citizen of the World! A licensed clinical social worker, who retired from the LA County Department of Mental Health, Saundra's travels have taken her to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, China, and South America, including Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Her love of the arts inspired her to create an in-home gallery/boutique that features and sells work ranging from masks, bracelets and jewelry to stone sculptures and utilitarian objects used in day-to-day life. Her community service has included a four-year tenure during the 1980s with the pioneering Brockman Gallery in LA's Leimert Park Village, the city's epicenter of African American culture. Saundra feels that serving on Viver Brasil's Board will provide her with the opportunity to educate and inform people about the strength and force of African culture, and how influential African culture has been been in so many parts of the world. Saundra earned her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Southern California and she earned her BA from Pepperdine University.