Roxanne alessandro


Roxanne Alessandro, Development and Resources Committee

Roxxanne Shelaby is an acclaimed Middle Eastern dancer, instructor, film maker and event producer. Her elegant, fluid style of Raks Shari is shaped by her unique Lebanese/Brazilian heritage. Roxxanne spent her childhood surrounded by Middle Eastern Art & Culture and her love of Arabic music and dance flourished growing up at her family owned “Fez” and “Cascades” nightclubs. In this atmosphere, Roxxanne observed Oriental Dance, traditional folk dance and social dance with live music on a nightly basis amongst the Arab community. Roxxanne began performing Middle Eastern Dance at the age of 5 and professionally at of 16 at the request of Madame Farida Fahmy to represent The Reda Troupe (National Dance Troupe of Egypt). Roxxanne travels worldwide performing and teaching Egyptian style ‘Raqs Sharqi” as well as folk dances from across Lebanon, Egypt and the Arabian Gulf. Roxanne has extensive experience producing events with world class artists and is an award winning film maker. Her historical dance documentary, ‘The Fez’ is making the rounds at film festivals around the world and was awarded ‘Best Feature Film’ in the Salamanca Moves Film Festival.