In this timely mythical narrative, the three all-powerful wives of Xangô step beyond the archetype:Oia- Iansã, warrior goddess of the winds and ancestral world who is able to sever the lifeline; Oxum, queen of the sweet waters, protector of children, beauty and the essence of self-love; and Oba, robust hunter goddess of the earth, symbol of renewal and independence, remove their crowns and test their powers as mothers and activists responding to the issue of senseless dying of black and brown youth.  What of a goddess’s fragility? Where does her strength live?  And what of the divine queens, Nanã, who cares for the fallen spirits, and Iemanja, the ever present mother nurturer? The vitality of ancient wisdom is revealed in this story of strength, truth, courage and humanity.

Choreography Shelby Williams-Gonzalez

Music Arrangements of traditional Candomblé music by Kahlil Cummings.   Songs shared by Gilmar Sampaio and Dona Cici

Costume Design  Maria de Lourdes Silvestre dos Santos aka Mainha da Bahia and Laura Howe

Dancers Laila Abdullah, Bianca Medina, Ashley Blanchard, Samad Guerra, Rachel Hernandez, Ajah Muhammad, Vera Passos, and Nagodè  Simpson

Singers Emina Shimanuki & Felicia “Onyi” Richards

Musicians  Luiz Badaró (percussion), Simon Carroll (percussion), Kahlil Cummings (percussion), Bobby Easton (acoustic and electric guitar, percussion), Alberto Lopez (percussion), Fabio Santana de Souza (trombone, cavaquinho, acoustic guitar)



Cor Da Pele

Para Xa Xa