(2009) The celebratory Avaninha calls upon the sacred energies of the orixá through rhythm, song and gesture.  As we revisit this seminal piece from Viver Brasil’s repertoire, the ideas embodied by Obaluaiyê, orixá of health and sickness, feel more timely than ever.  Join us in a ceremonial meditation of what it means to re-ground, come together, and heal in our present reality.

Choreography by Rosangela Silvestre. Restaged by Vera Passos

Music Jose Ricardo Sousa  with additional arrangements by Kahlil Cummings

Traditional chants shared by Ebomi Dona Cici

Costume Design Rosalida Medina

Dancers Laila Abdullah, Bianca Medina, Ashley Blanchard, Samad Guerra, Rachel Hernandez, Ajah Muhammad, Vera Passos, Nagodè Simpson

Singers Emina Shimanuki & Felicia “Onyi” Richards

Musicians Luiz Badaró (percussion), Simon Carroll (percussion), Kahlil Cummings (percussion), Bobby Easton (acoustic and electric guitar), Alberto Lopez (percussion), Fabio Santana de Souza (trombone, cavaquinho, acoustic guitar)



Peace Trancends