Cor da Pele

[Skin Color]

World Premiere 2017

Cor Da Pele (Skin Color) is a contemporary Afro-Brazilian dance piece that exposes and interrogates the toxicity of anti-blackness in latinx culture. Inspired by the poetry of Nayyirah Waheed, the work seeks to rewrite our relationship with black ancestry as latinx people, while reclaiming our history as mixed-race people of color from Latin America and the United States. It is at once an offering to ancestors, a space for celebration and mourning; an act of resistance. This is the debut of Cor Da Pele, Magalhães's newest dance concert work, and the fruits of her 8-month choreography residency with Viver Brasil.

Concept Marina Magalhães

Choreography Marina Magalhães in collaboration with the dancers

Music Composed by Kahlil Cummings, Simon Carroll and Bobby Easton featuring “Terra” by Caetano Veloso & poetry by Nayyirah Waheed.

Costume Design  Elida Berry-Donat

Dancers Ashley Blanchard, Rachel Hernandez, Marina Magalhães, Bianca Medina, Ajah Muhammad and Nagodè Simpson

Singers Emina Shimanuki & Felicia “Onyi” Richards

Musicians Luiz Badaró (percussion), Simon Carroll (percussion), Kahlil Cummings (percussion), Bobby Easton (acoustic and electric guitar), Alberto Lopez (percussion), Fabio Santana de Souza (trombone, cavaquinho, acoustic guitar)



Cor Da Pele

Mothers and Sons