mothers and sons

Nanã (goddess of the marshes) the ‘primordial’ mother gives birth late in life to her twins Omolu (god of health and sickness) and Oxumarê (god of transformation). Omolu, twisted and covered in smallpox is pitied, yet rejected by Nanã and is given to Iemanjá, mother of all Orixá and protector of the Ocean waters. Oxumarê, in the form of a serpent and a rainbow, runs away from home to become the cosmic connection between the celestial world and the earthly world.


Choreographer: Rosangela Silvestre

Musicians: Luiz Badaró, Mario Pallais, and Jose Ricardo Sousa

Vocals: Vania Amaral and Katia Moraes

Costume Design: Maria Lourdes Silvestre dos Santos, Dona Cici, Luiz Badaró, Linda Yudin and Carolyn Melson


Water bearers: Gustavo Caldas and Ulisses de Oliveira

Water: Shelby Williams

Nanã: Erica Jones

Iemanjá: Laila Abdullah

Omolu: Kimberly Mullen

Oxumarê: Dani Lunn


Pra Onde O Samba Me Leva


Cor Da Pele