Dancing at the source


Viver Brasil's 21st Annual Travel Program

15-Day cultural immersion to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, the heart of Africa in the Americas!

August 3-19, 2019.

For over 20 years, Dancing at the Source has provided dance and music enthusiasts with curated cultural tours, along with daily Afro-Brazilian culture classes taught by experienced faculty, who are among Bahia’s most influential dancers, musicians, visual artists, researchers, and culture makers. The Dancing at the Source leaders have developed a deep professional and personal involvement with the arts and spiritual communities of Bahia, and are committed to providing Dancing at the Source travelers with a unique opportunity to experience Afro-Brazilian culture outside of the usual tourist context.

Read more about Dancing at the Source in the LA Times feature article "Dancing to the beat of another country"!



8 days of Afro-Brazilian dance and music classes (32 hours of instruction) with Bahia's internationally known master instructors. 

Witness sacred Candomblé ceremonies; travel to the island of Boipeba for a week-end, experience exquisite serene beaches, walk in the Atlantic Forest and visit Boitaraca Quilombo (an Afro-Brazilian/Indigenous community founded by African people escaping enslavement.) 

Visit the São Lázaro Festival

Experience a full day of learning at Temple Ilê Asê Ojisê Olodumare (Casa do Mensageiro)

Walk in the world-renowned Boa More Festival in Cachoeira 

Go to the United Nations cultural heritage site in the Reconcavo (interior), where Samba was created


Meet many of Bahia's most active spiritual leaders, visual artists, thinkers, performing artists and educators. 

Attend music and dance concerts, enjoy great cuisine & the beautiful beaches of Salvador, Bahia. 

Performances by the Bale Folclorico da Bahia and Dida Women’s Percussion Ensemble, not to mention shopping, dining, swimming, and sunbathing.

Travel to to Boipeba Island, located on the Dendê Coast

R/T travel to Brazil from all major U.S cities, based on double occupancy accommodations at the Marazul Hotel, all classes and related activities, translators, guides, ground transportation and a hearty breakfast at the hotel. 

*  A tourist visa is required to travel to Brazil. Visa costs NOT included in package price. 


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The non-refundable deposit is required by April 30, 2019. 

Full payment must be made in full by June 30, 2019. 


Payment Plans are available upon request.

Contact Viver Brasil's Executive Director at info@viverbrasil.com for more information. 


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Dancing at the source leaders

Linda Yudin, Viver Brasil’s Artistic Director
Linda is a Los Angeles based internationally recognized dance ethnologist with three decades of experience studying, researching and working in Bahia in the field of Afro-Brazilian dance, education, performance, spirituality and cultural tourism.

Luiz Badaró, Viver Brasil’s Artistic Director
Badaró is a native son of Bahia with over thirty years teaching Afro-Brazilian dance, choreographing and playing percussion. His choreographies exalt the intense love he has for his culture and its preservation and development.

Paula Santos, Tour Guide Extraordinaire
Paula has been involved in socially conscious tourism in Bahia since the early 1980s. Her knowledge of Afro-Brazilian history, literature, media, visual art and gender issues provides a deepened context in which to understand the complexity and beauty of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Dancing at the Source faculty includes Jose Ricardo Sousa, Gilmar Sampaio, Vera Passos,  Vania Oliveira, Amelia Conrado, Dona Cici, Tatiana Campelo (percussionists), Joel de Souza and Cid Morais, Vivian Caroline of Dida Womens Percussion Ensemble, Afro-Brazilian storyteller, Dona Cici, with lively talks by contemporary writer Mel Adun and acclaimed visual artist/designer, J. Cunha.



“This cultural immersion program gave me experiences beyond my wildest imagination. Linda Yudin has spent years cultivating extraordinary relationships with the grassroots artist/candomblé community of Bahia, and she happily shares these extraordinary dancers, choreographers, and sacred grandmothers in what can only be described as a life-altering two weeks. I danced beyond my limits, laughed, healed some personal struggles, and made a handful of amazing women friends. This is no tourist trip—it is a real immersion into Bahian life and culture the spiritual, the physical, and the emotional.”

— Marlowe Moore (Writer / Dancer)

“I’ve gone to Bahia with Viver Brasil three times. As a travel writer, I’ve always looked for authenticity and the real essence of the place in my travels. Viver Brasil’s Bahia Travel Program offers these and much more. Linda is an encyclopedia of Afro-Brazilian dance and culture, and through her program, you’ll meet and learn from those in the forefront of Salvador’s Afro-Brazilian dance, ritual, and music.”

— Vicky Iskandar (Journalist / Dancer)

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip: we danced with top artists, studied Bahian culture and history with noted scholars, and participated in the West African-based religion candomblé ceremonies with highly regarded priests and priestesses. Linda and the Viver Brasil team were very well organized, transportation was comfortable, and we had access to people we wouldn’t have if we had toured the city on our own.”

— Angelina Arrington (Educator / Dancer / former VB Board Chair)

“Linda Yudin offers a travel/dance program like no other, she gives us the golden key to the city and we become privy to the heart of Salvador, Bahia. Viver Brasil’s travel program offers educators, storytellers, elders of the land, and masters of the dance. We sweat with dancers in the studio by day, and dance with the people in the streets at night. We float on salty seas in the late afternoon munching on shrimp and drinking from coconuts. We stand steeped in a rich history that we get a chance to explore in some way everyday.”

— Lauren McMillan (Social Worker / Dancer)



[ ! ] Important: A tourist visa is required to travel to Brazil. This cost is NOT included in package price. For more information on obtaining a travel visa, please visit one of the following Consulate-General of Brazil sites:

Los Angeles

New York


Full list of Consulate-General of Brazil offices in the United States