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Dona Cici in residence!

Dona Cici (Nancy de Souza e Silva) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dona Cici frequently visited Salvador, Bahia in the 1960s and permanently moved to Salvador in 1972, after her initiation into the Candomblé Temple of Ilê Axé Opo Aganju led by Babalorixá (Priest) Daniel Balbino. Even before her initiation into the Candomblé, Dona Cici was very interested in Brazil’s Black history and concerned with the preservation of its historical and spiritual inheritance. Dona Cici is a sacred daughter of Obatalá, Oxum and Ewa, revered deities of the Candomblé tradition. She holds the title of Otun Iyá Ilê Fun (one who is responsible for the white powder of Obatalá), painting the sacred designs on new initates of the Candomblé.