Today is Giving Tuesday. We would love to get 50 new donors today. Our company is much more than what you see on stage--which is fabulous if we do say so ourselves. We are a network of teaching and professional artists, dedicated to lifting the world up one drum beat, one dance move at a time. We are honored to introduce you to a few of our teaching artists. We hope their vision and dedication will inspire you to give today.

How long have you been with the company?
I've been a member of Viver Brasil approaching 4 years.

Are you a dancer or musician or both?
I am a dancer. 

How did you get involved with VB?
I was contemplating moving from the LA area because I believed I could create a better life elsewhere. A friend suggested that I audition for the company. It's been magic ever since. 

Had you performed Afro-Brazilian arts before you joined the company?
I was introduced only a year prior to joined after having moved to Los Angeles. 

When did you first become a teaching artist with VB?
I began teaching after a year of being with Viver Brasil. That was about 3 years ago.

How often have you served as a teaching artist in LA? Have you done it with other companies, even before you joined?
I have been teaching artist with Viver Brasil for almost 3 years. I began teaching as a student in Tennessee when I was 14 years old. 

Think back on your experiences at various school sites. What's your favorite moment in teaching Afro-Brazilian dance and music arts to children? 
There are always moments of enlightenment, laughter, and connection that make teaching such a full experience. I always appreciate the culminating events. Seeing the students rise up to the challenge of retaining my often complex choreography and fully devoting themselves to performance is always fulfilling. 

Nagodè sharing a few spontaneous moves at the culminating parade-performance of Samba in the Streets, a collaboration with KAOS Network in Leimert Park during April and May of 2016. Photo by Anna B. Scott

Is there a particular child or exchange that changed your life and the way you approach being an artist in general? Can you describe it?
There is no particular recent exchange. All I have is my personal experience being a disadvantaged youth whose arts education was provided through Title 1 programming. I recognize that we (teaching artists) are often the liaisons to an enriched future for many of our students. I enter my workspace everyday with that in mind. 

Were you involved in Samba in the Streets at Kaos? What was your role?
Yes! I was mostly able to participate as a student and watch, though I did share some movement with the participants. 

What, if anything, moved you while you participated in Samba in the Streets?
I was touched by how free and receptive the audiences were. The classes were unscripted and the audiences spontaneously drafted. Watching people, most of the time complete strangers, in the middle of the street dance with along with full effort and no reservation was rather rewarding. 

If you had $10,000 to spend on VB, how would you spend it?
I would invest more into artist development workshops and trainings... training in dance technique and performance, the business of entertainment and concert dance, and workshops to facilitate engagement and exchange within the company.

I would also invest more into children's programming: learning space, performance space, instructor compensation.


Nagodè is just one of many fabulous artists who choose to work with Viver Brasil. You can help her achieve her artistic vision for the company by making a donation today on Razoo.