By Linda Yudin, Luiz Badaró, Artistic Directors and Peter J. Harris, Executive Director

Like you, we are stunned by November 8’s election results. But we have Dance, and it has us. We have the Drums, and it has us. We have the Circle, and it is us. 

Viver Brasil remains committed to a joyful, revolutionary art that always finds a way to melt hearts, remove inhibitions, and traverse if not dissolve borders. For this reason, we take samba and samba reggae with us wherever we go -- to exchange stories, meet new friends and forge new alliances. 

Starting November 10, we’re again parading as part of Disney California Adventure Park’s ¡Viva Navidad! family fiesta, with our friends of Grupo Folklórico Relámpago del Cielo.

Now, more than ever, those of us in the arts, especially the arts that are meant to heal, must leave our comfort zones. It’s time to head out and meet our neighbors, from the parade routes of Disneyland to traditional stages to Peoples Plaza in Leimert Park. 

We need each other! We cannot turn inwards! It’s time for actual conversation, voice to voice, face to face! We close 2016 ready to be the love and change we so deeply desire right now. We know our Art saves and enriches lives. Listen to our friend Alicia Pizzi, an elementary school teacher and musician who adored Viver Brasil's "Samba in the Streets" project as both a dance and drum participant. 

“This is one of the few places in my daily life where I see people experiencing true happiness. We end class laughing and embracing each other in sweaty hugs, even if we have just met. And this is the most valuable experience I have received from Samba in the Streets -- authentic human connections that bring incredible sweetness and joy to my life.” 

We hope we can count on you to join us.