Axé! What a trip to Bahia!


VB’s Dancing at the Source 2018 continued its commitment to share and dive deeply into the fountain of Afro-Brazilian culture with VB’s extraordinary family of teachers, culture makers, elders, contemporary masters sharing their deepest axé affirming resistance, resilience, blackness, joy, empowerment, and spirit.

VB completed a 21-year cycle of learning at the source with verve and many new innovations to come for future cultural exchanges. This year a group of fiercely passionate women gave me laughter and joy at the highest dimension as I shared my adopted home of Salvador, Bahia. The photos and videos express our extraordinary packed two weeks together!

May the wisdom learned be a source of vibrant inspiration for all! 
And with Bahian tour leader, Paula Santos with Ogun warrior Luiz Badaro, Dancing at the Source was made full of love, savvy and carinho.

In a very few week's VB will announce upcoming 2019 tours - yes tours to new places in Brazil as well as the signature Dancing at the Source! Gratidão! 

Founder & Artistic Director, Linda Yudin 



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