Art in Service

We are proud to offer an array of experiences for audiences of all ages. For twenty years, we have worked tirelessly to bring the arts of Afro-Brazilian culture to communities seeking transformative, interactive and illuminating educational adventures. Please contact us to arrange a collaboration.


Love & Happiness Tour Featuring Cooking Samba

a signature interactive show that brings electrifying Afro Brazilian dance, music and culture to schools and other venues where individuals could use a jolt of joyful color, thrilling rhythms, and communal celebration.



Samba in the Streets

a series of sequential dance and music workshops modeled on Afro-Brazilian Bloco Afros, Afro-Brazilian parading groups and cultural organizations in which participants learn to prepare and to present a public procession as if during Bahian/Brazilian Carnival.  Samba in the Streets provide participants unique conversations about contemporary Afro-Brazilian history, occupying actual space in the streets to address issues of social justice, inclusion and equity. 


Community Class

meets every Tuesday (for close to 20 years) at Los Angeles’ Dance Arts Academy in mid city for affordably priced classes taught by Viver Brasil's founding artistic directors Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaró.  


Viver Brasil Institute

hosts visiting pioneering masters and contemporary virtuosos from Bahia who join Viver Brasil’s founding Artistic Directors Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaró to provide scholarly and informational Afro Brazilian History/Culture Workshops; Dance/Music Workshops; Master Classes; Oral History Exchanges; and Jam Sessions.


Dancing at the Source

is a 15-day cultural immersion to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, and has for 18 years provided travelers curated cultural tours along with daily dance, music, and Afro-Brazilian culture classes taught by experienced faculty.