(2013) Viver Brasil provides a jubilant and bold performance of Afro-Brazilian dance theatre, exploring the deep roots, explosive rhythms, and powerful spirits of Afro- Brazilian culture. Fourteen dancers and musicians pay tribute to the ancestry in Mothers and Sons by Rosangela Silvestre, the processional of Viva Maracatu by Luiz Badaró, enticing and humorous xaxados and forros in Para Xaxa by Shelby Williams-Gonzalez, and the power of women in Samba no Pé [Feet Speak] by Dani Lunn. Creative soundscapes and enticing sambas bring audiences to their feet, singing, clapping, and, as  Victoria Looseleaf of the Los Angles Times wrote, “Viver Brasil scorched the stage leaving audiences, spellbound.”


Para Xa Xa


Peace Trancends